Patients with Special Needs

Aurora BayCare will take steps necessary to ensure that patients with disabilities or limited English receive effective information concerning their health care

We assist patients with language, vision or hearing needs in order to help them understand important medical information.

Language interpreters, sign language services, and other aids needed to provide this information are provided without cost to the person being served.  Interpreter services my include in-person interpreters or language phone services.

Dietary Requirements

Please let us know if you have special dietary needs. We offer meals that respect religious practices, vegetarianism, and other special requests.


Aurora BayCare patient services are accessible to people with physical disabilities. Access features include:

  • Free valet parking service
  • Convenient parking designated specifically for disabled persons
  • Curb cuts and ramps between parking areas and buildings
  • Level access into first floors of buildings, with elevator access to all other floors
  • Accessible public waiting areas, patient treatment areas, and bathrooms
  • TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf)
  • Closed captioning for televisions

Let Us Know About Your Special Needs

When possible, let us know about your special needs in advance of your stay.  Be sure to inform staff  when you check in, and let your nurse and doctor know as well.