Tertiary Access Program

The Tertiary Access Program connects physicians to physicians to expedite patient transfer to Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Our goal is to find better treatment options that result in better patient outcomes.

As a Level II trauma center, Aurora BayCare Medical Center can facilitate admission of patients who need immediate attention for heart attack, stroke, head injury, and orthopedic trauma. Aurora BayCare Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is also part of the tertiary access program for the transfer of critically ill newborns.

The Tertiary Access Program connects you to experts by phone, internet, and mobile technologies. It allows physicians to work with real people (hospitalists, intensivists, or specialists), exchange information, access e-ICU care, and expedite patient transfers.

For more information on Aurora BayCare Medical Center's Tertiary Access Program or to coordinate a transfer, call toll-free 1-866-448-5350.

Transfer Process

For Physicians: The Tertiary Access Program's dedicated customer service representatives connect you directly to the appropriate person, creating a streamlined transfer process that results in superior quality and service for you and your patients.

  1. Physician calls toll-free 1-866-448-5350.
  2. TAP connects transferring physician to admitting physician.
  3. Transferring physician and admitting physician communicate directly.
  4. TAP contacts appropriate hospital staff to conclude admitting process.
  5. TAP follows up with transferring physician on admission status and sends a discharge summary after a patient is discharged from Aurora BayCare Medical Center, with the patient's permission.