Visitor Guidelines

Aurora BayCare welcomes visitors at any time, except as necessary to protect patient privacy and safety 

Please observe the following guidelines when visiting the hospital:

  • Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Overnight visitation is available in patient rooms.  Please check with the nursing staff or inquire about our onsite family lodging.

Patient Pet Visits

Pet visitation is limited to dogs only.  We request that patient’s dogs are bathed prior to visiting their owners. Dogs should be on a leash or caged and under the control of an adult. If you would like your dog to visit, please check with the nursing staff. Pets are not permitted in the cafeteria, labor/delivery, surgery, and other sterile areas.

We can also arrange for a pet therapy visit from a trained volunteer and their pet. If you are interested, contact administration at 920-288-3003 or discuss this with your nurse.

Smoking Policy

Aurora BayCare is a smoke free campus. Smoking is prohibited in the building and on the grounds. Smoking is only allowed in personally owned vehicles.