Pharmacy hours for when life happens

There's never a good time to feel bad. That's why Aurora BayCare Medical Center's pharmacy is open around the clock, to help you feel better when you're under the weather. After normal business hours, customers will be able to access their prescriptions at the pharmacy walk-up window, located across from the glass elevators on the side of the pharmacy. No more worrying that you'll suffer a migraine after closing hours. No more rushing to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription after work. Now, our pharmacy is on your time.

For your convenience, full-service Aurora pharmacies are available at Aurora BayCare Medical Center and in multiple clinic and neighborhood locations near you. We even deliver.

From vitamins to pain relievers, to cold remedies and other home health medical supplies, Aurora pharmacies offer the full range of retail health care products you need every day.

Many of our pharmacies include the following specialized services and products:

  • Drug information
  • Flu vaccine
  • Home health care supplies
  • Medicare Part D information
  • Needle/Sharps disposal and exchange
  • Prescription refill
  • Shingles vaccine

Service Excellence

Our pharmacies provide:

  • Affordability. If allowed by your doctor, we always check for and dispense comparable, affordable generic medications.
  • Competitive pricing. We conduct regular "market basket" comparisons. Our prices are consistent with, and in many cases lower than other pharmacies.
  • Convenience. We accept over 300 insurance plans and offer multiple ways to order and receive your medication, including mail order delivery, and phone and web-based prescription refill services.
  • Personalized service. We are available for one-on-one consultations and are always ready to answer your questions.
  • Safety and accuracy. We double-check every prescription we fill. We also check for possible interactions with other drugs you are already taking.
  • Fully integrated care. Our knowledgeable pharmacy teams act as extended members of the patient's health care team, and are involved with the patient's care as they transition from inpatient to outpatient settings and vice versa.

Automatic Refill/Mail Order Prescription Service

Aurora provides an automatic refill prescription service so you can fill your monthly maintenance prescriptions without having to request them each time. You can pick up your prescriptions at your local Aurora pharmacy or have them mailed directly to you at your home at no charge. Your Aurora pharmacist will also contact your provider for additional refills before your last refill runs out.
Call 888-973-8999 to get started or enroll online.


Get your prescriptions filled at Aurora BayCare Medical Center's pharmacy before you leave. You or a family member can conveniently pick up your prescriptions before leaving the hospital. Return home quickly and feel assured your pharmacist has provided you with the correct medications and instructions for each medication, as they have easy access to your inpatient medical team and medical record. 

Transferring Prescriptions

We will help! Bring your prescription containers to an Aurora Pharmacy convenient to you. We will call your other pharmacy while you wait. Allow extra time for your first visit while we make the transfer.

Visit our hospital pharmacy, or find an Aurora Pharmacy in the Green Bay area and other Wisconsin communities.

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