Patient and Family Resources 

You’re not alone

At Aurora BayCare, you’re not alone. We believe that emotional and social support are an important part of your treatment.

Our cancer treatment program is designed to help patients and families gain emotional strength, build a support network, and access community resources. We want to make your cancer treatment experience easier, so you can focus on your health and get better, faster.

Complementary Therapies

Alternative therapies such as meditation and massage can help you relax and relieve anxieties during treatment.

Nurse Navigators

The Cancer Nurse Navigator provides free assistance to cancer patients and their families. He or she is a liaison between you, your doctors, and your family. Each Nurse Navigator is an experienced registered nurse who specializes in supporting cancer patients and their loved ones.

Nutrition Services

Nutritionists can help you plan healthy diet designed to support the healing process.

Social Workers

Licensed social workers help you and your family by offering emotional support and assistance in obtaining needed resources.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care staff is available 24-hours a day to provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Resource Library

The Aurora Cancer Care Resource Library offers a variety of resources to help you better understand your cancer and make informed decisions about your treatment.


A support team helps walk you through next steps after you’ve completed treatment. 

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