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Single Day Consults

If you are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, you can be evaluated in a one-day clinic as part of our Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic. These single-day consults reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment. You get convenience, peace of mind, and (most importantly) better outcomes.

One of the Best in the Nation

Aurora BayCare's Comprehensive Breast Health Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Not only was it one of the first four breast centers in the country to earn this title, but it was also the first breast center in Wisconsin to earn this important designation.

Dedicated Breast Cancer Surgeon

We offer breast surgeons who are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast cancer. Research shows that patients treated by breast cancer specialists have better short-term and long-term results.

Advanced Diagnostics

The Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Aurora BayCare is leading the way in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

We offer digital mammography, including the latest 3-D mammograms. According to the National Cancer Institute, digital mammograms reduce procedure time and detect 15-28% more breast cancer in certain women. We are also the first hospital in Wisconsin to offer a calming, audiovisual mammogram. The full sensory experience is designed to provide a more comfortable exam, helping you relax and improving mammogram quality. 

Other advanced breast imaging technology at the Comprehensive Breast Center include stereotactic breast biopsy, breast MRI, and combined CT-PET scan.

Advanced Treatment

One and done. We are the only hospital in Wisconsin that offers a new way to treat breast cancer. This innovation, called intraoperative radiation therapy, requires only one radiation treatment delivered during surgery instead of multiple weeks of radiation post-surgery. Learn more about IORT.

We offer partial breast brachytherapy as well as accelerated whole breast radiotherapy to appropriate candidates. Accelerated whole breast radiotherapy is a new treatment option designed to effectively target breast cancer with fewer radiation sessions. During radiation treatment, we use specialized techniques to maximize heart and lung protection.

In addition, we participate in multiple clinical trials for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. At Aurora BayCare, our patients can be confident they’re getting the latest treatment innovations.

Integrative Medicine

At Aurora BayCare, we know that breast cancer patients are interested in helping themselves along the road to recovery and survivorship. Our complementary medicine service offers specialized guidance to help you integrate a wide range of wellness therapies into your breast cancer care.

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