Nurse Residency Program

Aurora BayCare’s Nurse Residency Program is designed to help new nurses move confidently into professional practice. As a nurse resident, you’ll gain new competencies and broaden the scope of your professional career.

This 12-month evidenced-based program is a targeted investment in our new nursing graduates. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen your education at the point-of-practice and to lay the foundation as a future leader in your field.

Program Goals

  • Decrease nurse turnover
  • Increase nurse satisfaction
  • Improve clinical and professional competence

Connect your classroom knowledge to real-life clinical challenges. The Nurse Residency Program broadens your understanding of healthcare delivery, facilitates your ability to think critically under pressure, and advances your assessment skills. You’ll receive ongoing support from leaders and peers as you prepare to meet future healthcare demands. The nurse residency program is a year-long experience that includes:

  • Specialty training for new registered nurses, including skills labs and emergency simulations
  • Paid monthly nurse residency sessions, led by subject matter experts
  • Paid support sessions to interact with other new grads, share stories, and receive coaching
  • Participation in a quality improvement project, providing an opportunity to improve patient care and learn more about organizational resources

Why Participate in a Nurse Residency Program?

Graduates of Aurora BayCare’s Nurse Residency Program report feeling more confident about their career choice and more confident in their ability to provide high-quality nursing care. They advance faster to clinical autonomy and become organizational leaders, helping to incorporate evidenced-based practices into patient care. They also develop inter-departmental relationships and build a strong foundation for career advancement.

Who Qualifies?

The program will be mandatory for all new graduates.  Some nurses that are new to acute care may be eligible as well.  During the interview process, the Nurse Residency Program will be discussed with the potential applicant.  Once hired, and the applicant has passed NCLEX, the nurse will be placed in the next wave of nurses.

For more information, contact the Clinical Education Coordinator at (920) 288-3178 or click here to view current nursing job openings.

Laura Janssen
Clinical Education Coordinator
(920) 288-3178