Clinical Trials

When you participate in a clinical trial, you get access to investigational treatments, long before they are available elsewhere.

A clinical research study, or a clinical trial, is a research study involving human volunteers designed to answer specific questions about health issues. These issues include disease prevention, treatment using drugs or medical devices or other procedures.

Clinical research can:

  • Test whether new treatments are both safe and effective
  • See if new treatments help or improve the illness or health problem

The clinical research process depends on the kind of trial being conducted. The clinical research team generally includes doctors, nurses and other research staff. The research staff will check your health, give specific instructions for being in the trial, watch over the participants carefully during the trial and stay in touch for a time after the trial is finished. Some clinical research studies have more tests and clinic visits than you normally would have for an illness or health problem.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

As a patient at Aurora BayCare, you can participate in a variety of clinical trials, including:

  • Treatment trials - testing new drugs, new devices and new approaches to medical procedures
  • Prevention trials - looking for better ways to prevent disease from occurring
  • Screening trials - seeking the best way to detect diseases
  • Diagnostic trials - finding better tests or procedures for diagnosing a disease or condition
  • Quality of life trials - exploring ways to comfort and improve well-being for people with a chronic illness

Clinical Research Sponsors

Clinical research is sponsored or funded by a variety of organizations or individuals such as pharmaceutical and medical device companies, hospitals, universities and the various federal government agencies like National Institutes of Health. Studies can take place in a variety of locations, such as hospitals, universities, doctors' offices or community clinics.

High Standards for Medical Research

Every clinical trial at Aurora BayCare is conducted according high professional and ethical standards. Aurora Health Care's Research Subject Protection Program is accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs.

For more information on clinical research studies, call Annette Paul at (920) 406-7979.