Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic

Safer surgery, better recovery 

If you have a serious health condition and are planning a scheduled (non-emergency) surgery, you may be referred to the Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic by your surgeon or healthcare provider. The Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic is designed to support high-risk patients through surgery and early recovery.

As part of the program, you will work with an Internal Medicine physician who will develop a complete plan for your care, before and after surgery.


Be Ready for Surgery

The Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic will assess your readiness for surgery by conducting a thorough review of your medical history and any chronic conditions. We look for red flags that could be surgical risks and work to resolve these issues before you arrive for surgery.


When you work with Aurora BayCare’s Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic we can help:

  • Ensure safe clearance for surgery, before surgery day
  • Reduce rescheduling
  • Provide your surgical team with more time to review tests and lab work
  • Increase your comfort and reduce anxiety
  • Reduce the number of days you spend in the hospital
  • Reduce post-operative complications and readmissions after surgery


Experience Team Collaboration

By creating a proactive roadmap and collaborating with your surgeon before surgery, we can improve your surgical experience, providing a whole host of benefits for our most medically complex patients. This means both you and your surgical team are fully prepared and ready to go on surgery day, so your procedure can go ahead as scheduled. 


Be Prepared for Recovery

In addition, we help educate you about your care prior to surgery and ensure you are prepared for a safe, healthy recovery. Many patients find this decreases anxiety and provides a sense of empowerment, allowing them to take an active role in their care.

It may also mean you’ll be able to leave the hospital sooner to recover in the comfort of your own home.  Our goal is to coordinate your overall experience, making sure you are ready for surgery and have a safe, effective recovery plan in place.

For questions or to schedule an appointment at the ABMC Pre-Surgical Optimization Clinic, please call 920-288-4500.