For You, For Her

Just for women 

It’s a place where your services, your needs, and your treatments aren’t just the most important thing we do each day – it’s the only thing.

Unique Health Care for Women

We’ve put together a team of experts in women’s health.  The Women’s Center focuses on health and well-being for women at every stage of life, all in one central location.

Whether you’ve come to us for preventive carerelief from urinary incontinence, or any of our comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology services, our top priority is making sure you reach your personal health care goals.

Gynecological Services

Women face special health concerns and challenges throughout life. From adolescence through menopause and beyond, we stay on top of the women's health issues that matter to you most.

Services include:


Fertility Services

While conception is easy for some, a growing number of couples need medical assistance for a little help. The Aurora Fertility Center at Aurora BayCare is the only provider in Green Bay offering full-service infertility services.

Birthing Center

You have a choice as to where you are going to have your baby.  We hope to have the honor of being part of the most important moment of your life. Our specialized obstetric services include OB/GYN ultrasound, perinatal assessment and prenatal testing, genetics and high-risk pregnancy consultation, a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, and educational classes. We also offer comprehensive Children's Health services to treat your children as they grow.

High-Risk Pregnancy

The Women’s Center at Aurora BayCare is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for new mothers and their babies. If you are experiencing issues which put you at a higher risk for complications, our maternal-fetal medicine experts will oversee your pregnancy and birth.

Continence and Pelvic Health

You don’t have to live with incontinence and other pelvic disorders.  We offer comprehensive care for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders, including prolapse, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. We integrate multiple disciplines such as urogynecology, female urologycolorectal surgerygynecology and physical therapy, offering both surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Women’s Heart Care

Aurora BayCare offers a unique service: heart care designed specifically for women. Heart disease looks different in women. That’s why it’s important to have specialists who understand the best ways to diagnose and treat female patients.

Breast Health

Aurora BayCare has a comprehensive breast health program. We offer screenings and assessments to assist in the early detection of breast cancer. Our state-of-the-art breast imaging technology includes all the diagnostic tools including digital mammogram, ultrasound, MRI and Wisconsin’s first calming, audiovisual 3-D mammogram. At Aurora BayCare Medical Center you’ll find a more comfortable mammogram experience, complete with plush robes and a coffee bar. Our goal is to make your health care screenings as pleasant and anxiety-free as possible.

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Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic

Personal Training

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