Pregnancy Welcome Visit

From Bump to Baby

When you’re expecting a baby, you have a lot on your to-do list—from deciding on a name to choosing where to have your baby delivered. At Aurora BayCare, we’re here for you every step of the journey.OBGYN Malloy

With our Pregnancy Welcome Visit, we’ll make sure you have what you need right away, as soon as you find out you’re expecting. A positive pregnancy test comes with a lot of emotions and a lot of questions, and you shouldn’t have to wait to get the information you need!

Get Answers within Three
Business Days

Most OB-GYNs wait until you are eight to 12 weeks pregnant before they will see you. Here at Aurora BayCare, you can get your questions answered right away.

Once you find out you’re pregnant, call us to schedule a one-hour face-to-face visit with one of our Women’s Center Registered Nurses. We will meet with you within three business days of your call.

At the appointment, we will focus on YOU. We will spend time answering your questions, help you review your care choices, discuss your health factors, and talk about steps you can take to protect your baby.

With You the Whole Way

Our Aurora BayCare OB team will continue to guide you throughout the duration of your pregnancy, providing pregnancy education, scheduling lab tests, and coordinating care and communication between your doctor and birth center staff.

Our OB team is a resource for all kinds of pregnancy and birth related questions. For example, they may help you with:


Scheduling ongoing prenatal care

  • Prenatal testing
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Developing a birthing plan
  • Connecting you with community resources
  • Choosing a doctor for your new baby
You can rest assured that you are getting expert, experienced advice. Plus, we offer extended hours for all follow-up OB visits, so you can meet with your doctor at times convenient for you!

For You: Comfort and Confidence

This special program is designed to help expectant moms feel comfortable and confident throughout their pregnancy and birthing experience.

Listen as Dr. Malloy speaks about what a woman can expect at her Pregnancy Welcome Visit:

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