Online Childbirth Class

An online childbirth class is ideal for expectant parents who can’t attend on-site classes due to time constraints or bed-rest limitations 

It’s also a great option for parents interested in a childbirth refresher class.

The Gift of Motherhood Class is an eight-chapter course that includes animated illustrations, videos, and interactive-quizzes.  This class will guide you through the basics of childbirth, breastfeeding, and your new parenting role.

Our online class will help you:

  • Prepare for Labor: Learn how to prepare for the birth, identify the signs of pre-labor, and time your contractions.
  • Increase Your Comfort: Discover all kinds of helpful techniques to decrease labor pain including breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, and labor positions. The class also includes advice for your birthing partner.
  • Understand Pain Management: Learn about your medical pain management options including medications and epidural.
  • Plan for Postpartum: Find out what to expect from your body after the baby is born.

Your $40 class fee includes online access for six months. Within a week of registering, you will receive a welcome letter, your unique access passcode, and a printed reference book to accompany the Gift of Motherhood class.

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