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When you long for a baby

If you dream of having children, and it’s not happening naturally, we can help. Aurora BayCare offers a full-service fertility clinic, close to home.

Having a baby is a miracle, and it’s something many couples can take for granted. Yet some women experience a delay in conception or struggle with chronic infertility. For those couples who long for a baby, Aurora BayCare offers reproductive endocrinology services and a team of fertility specialists. We are the only nationally accredited full-service fertility clinic in Northeast Wisconsin. 

When You’re Trying to Have A Baby

Don’t wait.  If you’ve been trying to become pregnant for about a year, come talk with us. We can help you get some answers and figure out why you aren’t getting pregnant.

We offer highly trained specialists in a local, state-of-the-art fertility clinic to provide you with the most advanced assisted reproductive techniques available.

We have our own on-site endocrinology laboratory for blood tests, hormone tests, and semen analysis.  We also have an on-site embryology laboratory to assist couples with in vitro fertilization, sperm injection, assisted hatching, embryo freezing and sperm preservation, as well as a variety of other fertility services.

Beyond IVF

Some women hesitate to seek infertility treatment because they have already decided against in vitro fertilization and believe that is their only option. However, IVF is only one of several treatments available.  You may be able to achieve pregnancy with the assistance of fertility drugs, laparoscopic surgery to open blocked fallopian tubes, intrauterine insemination, or other treatments.

Visit our fertility clinic for an initial consultation. We can provide more information and help you make a decision that supports your desires, opinions, and medical needs.

In Vitro Fertilization

If other infertility treatment options aren’t right for you, in vitro fertilization may be an option for growing your family. It can be expensive, but Aurora BayCare offers a risk sharing In Vitro Fertilization program (our IVF Guarantee) to help you manage financial risk and anxiety.

Superior Fertility Services

Aurora BayCare has been recognized as a Reproductive Resource Services Centers of Excellence by OptumHealth. A Center of Excellence designation is given to medical centers combining superior clinical care with excellent patient support.

Just as there are many factors that impact infertility, there are many options for treatment. Please call our fertility specialists at Aurora BayCare to learn more about all your options.

WIXX's Nick Vitrano, who created his family of four with the help of fertility services at Aurora BayCare, talks with reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Wittmaack as he shares all the options available to those struggling with infertility: 


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