Sports Medicine Rehab

When you don’t want to sit on the sidelines

Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare will provide rehabilitation services that bridge the gap between wellness and performance.  Our sports rehab programs provide sport-specific strength training and conditioning designed to maximize your future athletic potential.

Rehabbing Athletes

Everyone is motivated to decrease pain after an injury.  But as an athlete, you’re probably committed to returning to the game as quickly as possible, in performance condition.  When rehabbing active patients like you, we customize a program designed for your unique physical and psychological needs.

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You Want a Quick Return. Athletic seasons are short and so are athletic careers.  Most of the athletes we treat are highly-committed to their physical therapy program.  We find that athletes are motivated to rehab sports injuries as quickly as possible so that they can get back into competition. 
  • You’re Already in Top Condition. Likewise, because athletes are already in strong physical condition prior to an injury, their bodies are better prepared for rehabilitation. Our physical therapists often see results faster when treating athletes than when treating less active individuals.  That means we have more opportunity to fine tune your therapy regimen to focus on increasing function and decreasing pain.
  • You Need Constant Challenges.  Many athletes simply don’t feel healthy and balanced without physical opportunities to challenge their bodies.  In a rehab setting, that means we need to be more creative about finding ways for you to workout and exert yourself without causing more damage to your injury.
  • You Place High Demands on Your Body.  For an athlete, the goal is to go beyond pain-free activity and get back into peak physical form.  When your goal is a return to high-demand activity, we take into account the stressors you’ll be placing on your body and develop a rehab program designed to limit future injuries.

Advanced Sport Rehab Technology

At Aurora BayCare, we offer our athletic patients a well-rounded menu of therapy and rehab services.  Because we have so many options and specialized therapy tools, we can design highly-customized rehab programs to help you recover from your sports injuries.

Our specialized sports medicine rehab tools include:  

  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill –Rehabilitate lower-extremity injuries while working out at partial body weight.
  • Aquatic Therapy Pool with Underwater Treadmill – Get a low-impact rehabilitation workout that leverages the buoyancy effects of water.
  • Hockey Treadmill – Rehabilitate in a controlled setting that allows therapists to observe your form and correct skating flaws that could lead to further injury.
  • Video Room  - We can analyze balance, mechanics, and other issues that might lead to repeat injuries.

Athletes sustain unique injuries and they need unique care during the rehabilitation process.  See how the sports medicine rehab services at Aurora BayCare can help you recover from your athletic injury.  Please contact us today.

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