Occupational Therapists

Aliza Buyarski

Occupational Therapist

Education: BS and MS, Concordia University

Specialties: Certified Lymphedema Therapist, work specialty, functional capacity evaluations, lymphedema, orthopedics, pediatrics (torticollis, sensory, fine motor and orthopedic injuries) and bariatric exercise

Philosophy: "Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated."

Misty Carriveau

Occupational Therapist

Education: BS, Mount Mary University

Specialties: Certified Hand Therapist, rehabilitation for the Hand and Upper Extremity including the Shoulder and Thoracic Outlet, splinting, soft casting, joint mobilizations, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization

Philosophy: “I am continually seeking opportunities to learn new therapy techniques, splinting, evaluation tools and rehab protocols based on the most up-to-date evidence and research. I believe in tailoring treatment to the unique needs of the patient. The ultimate goal in therapy is to help people return to the daily activities most important to them.”

Leslie Koser

Occupational Therapist

Education: BS, UW-Milwaukee, BA, Alverno College

Specialties: Certified Hand Therapist, rehabilitation for the hand and upper extremities, splinting

Philosophy: “Patient education is an important part of treatment, and I view treatment as a partnership with patients, as we both have key roles to play in their recovery.”

James Schaefer

Occupational Therapist

Education: BS, UW-Madison

Specialties: Certified Hand Therapist, acute upper extremity injuries, sports injuries, splinting, and nutritional wellness

Philosophy: “I utilize an eclectic approach to treat the entire person, mind and body.”

Lara Sutton

Occupational Therapist

Education: MS, Rush University; BS, Marquette University

Specialties: Rehabilitation for the hand and upper extremities

Philosophy: “I believe we should never stop learning...whether it be a new treatment approach, shared knowledge from our peers, or discovering what drives each of our patients. The ultimate goal is to provide the best possible care to our clients and improve their quality of life.”

Mitchell Voss

Occupational Therapist

Education: MS, Mount Mary University; BS Carroll University

Specialties: Upper extremity and hand therapy, work specialty program, neurological rehabilitation

Philosophy: “My goal is to always return the patient to their highest level of function, whether it be completing basic activities of daily living or high-level activities.”