Occupational Rehabilitation

Our occupational health services help you maintain a healthy, productive workforce

Aurora BayCare’s occupational health program is focused on keeping your workforce healthy. From drug screenings to injury rehab and workplace wellness, Aurora BayCare offers a complete package of workplace health services.

By proactively investing in a safe and healthy workforce, you will cut your company’s health care costs, increase productivity, and lower worker compensation claims.

Pre-Hire & Employee Screens

  • Medical exams (DOT, OSHA mandated)
  • Drug screens
  • Pre-placement testing

Save money for every dollar you invest. Baseline medical tests and pre-placement screening services are designed to ensure employees have the abilities required for the job. Most organizations see a significant reduction in workers’ compensation claims after implementing pre-placement tests. 

Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation:

  • On-site nursing
  • On-site rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation (hand, spine, orthopedic)
  • Work conditioning
  • Functional capacity testing
  • Rehabilitation case management

When an injury does occur, early referral to Aurora BayCare rehab services will reduce costs, treatment time, and lost work days. We can provide therapy in our clinics or at your worksite, maximizing an injured employee’s productive work time.

After an injury, work conditioning therapy simulates the actual movements required for the employee’s job. Functional capacity tests ensure they are ready to go back to work, safely.  We also provide total case management support for insurance, FMLA, and worker’s compensation.


A successful return work is a key goal for patients in our Work Specialty Rehabilitation Program. In 2015 and first and second quarters of 2016, our program served 53 clients. 100% of our clients had workers’ compensation as a payor source.

Quarter 1 and 2 data demonstrates the following program outcomes:

  • The average duration in our program is 34 days.
  • The average number of treatment days is 11.4 visits for therapy.
  • 81.5% of our patients returned to work without restrictions
  • The average days from injury to start of our Work Specialty Rehab Program is 200 days 

Diagnostic categories served:

  • Hand - 14.8 %
  • Wrist - 11.1%
  • Elbow - 25.9%
  • Shoulder - 40.7 %
  • Spine - 3.7%
  • Knee - 3.7%

100% of our patients state they would recommend our program to their family and friends. What our patients say about what most impressed them about our program:

  • “I appreciate how quickly I was able to return to work.”
  • “The staff is very organized, helpful and knowledgeable about my situation and answered any question I had.”
  • “The work program is great with exercises to strengthen me for my mechanic job.”
  • “Exceptional care, both professional and personal, from the front desk to the therapist.”
  • Wellness

    • Wellness and health education
    • Worker fitness programs
    • Health risk assessments

    Workplace wellness programs boost healthy behaviors and are proven to decrease absenteeism and medical costs. Ask about health seminars, smoking cessation, fitness, and weight-loss programming. We also offer targeted worker exercises—a warm-up and stretching program designed specifically for the type of work your employees do.


    • Job site evaluations
    • Cumulative trauma education (repetitive motion)
    • Ergonomics consulting
    • OSHA consulting
    • ADA consulting

    We offer a complete package of workplace safety and wellness consulting. Ergonomics assessments and cumulative trauma education can help lower the risk for work-related injuries caused by repetitive movements, and poor body mechanics.

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