Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Many patients benefit from physical therapy during and after breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer rehabilitation offers treatment for many of the common physical difficulties experienced by breast cancer survivors. If your breast and lymph nodes have been removed, you will likely experience a loss of strength and function in your shoulder. You may also experience a decrease in overall fitness as a result of your treatments.

  • Do you have pain in your shoulder or chest?
  • Does your shoulder feel stiff or tight?
  • Are you having difficulty moving your arm?
  • Do you feel weak?
  • Do you feel overwhelmingly fatigued?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our breast cancer rehabilitation services can help.

Rehabilitation services may include:

  • Physical therapy to restore range of motion, strength, and function
  • Exercise and conditioning programs
  • Scar tissue massage and mobilization
  • Lymphedema management
  • Post-op management for breast reconstruction
  • Pain management

Each program is individually designed based upon your needs and treatment stage. This program is staffed by therapists who are specially trained to meet the needs of women and men going through breast surgery.

Before and After Surgery

Breast cancer rehabilitation can begin before you have any surgical procedures. Our therapists will work with you to improve flexibility and strength in preparation for surgery. We’ll also take baseline measures of both arms, so we can better monitor any swelling after surgery.

You can begin breast cancer rehabilitation at any stage of your treatment, or even years after your breast cancer care.

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