ACL Bridge Program

Get back in the game quickly and safely

The ACL Bridge Program will get you back in the game. This program picks up where physical therapy leaves off, so you can develop the strength and agility you need to return to play.

The ACL Bridge Program is designed for people of all ages. We provide the specialty training you need to participate in drills, practice, and full competition.

Return to Sports

Your ACL rehab sessions will include forward and backward running, plyometrics, multi-dimensional movements, neuromuscular coordination, and strengthening.

This medically-based program is combined with patented technology to optimize sport-specific rehab activities. Our goal is for you to transition into full recreational and functional activity without any limitations.

ACL Rehab Commitments

The ACL Bridge Program normally begins between 12 to 14 weeks after surgery. Individual differences and surgeries may affect your exact start date, and you’ll need a physician’s clearance to begin.

Participants will train with us 2-3 times per week, for 90-minute sessions. This three-phase program is divided into eight sessions per phase, for a total of 24 training sessions. The cost is $30 per session, payable at each visit. (Check your flex spending account for possible reimbursement.)

Exclusive ACL Recovery Program

Aurora BayCare Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center is one of only a few sites in the nation that is licensed in the Athletic Republic™ ACL Bridge program. Not all Athletic Republic™ sites offer the ACL Bridge program.  Athletes will work with physical therapists and athletic trainers who have extensive training in rehabilitating ACL injuries.

To begin your ACL Bridge Program, call (920) 288-5491.