Running Analysis

Maximize your running performance

Our running analysis program will increase your overall running performance and help prevent injuries. Through the use of Dartfish™ slow-motion video analysis, we break down the biomechanics of how you run to identify your weaknesses and show you how to run better.

If you are an experienced runner,  looking for an edge to pass the competition, a running analysis can help improve your running efficiency.  The results will help you waste less energy during your run and cut time off your race.

A running analysis is also suitable for those who are just beginning a running program or for someone attempting to run their first marathon.  We can help prevent injuries which could keep you from reaching your goal.

Your running analysis will include:

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  • Musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Review of running history
  • Biomechanical assessment of the running cycle
  • Video analysis of your running mechanics
  • Footwear evaluation
  • Advice on a workout plan

Every running analysis client will have their running mechanics captured on video and analyzed by a physical therapist or licensed athletic trainer, who have advanced training in running biomechanics.

Running Analysis Sessions

Session 1 includes a review of your running history, a full musculoskeletal evaluation, and video analysis of your mechanics.

Session 2 & 3 includes review of your analysis, adjustments to running form, and training recommendations.

Cost: $125 (includes three sessions with a physical therapist or athletic trainer)

To schedule a running analysis, call us at 920-288-5491.

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