Performance Testing

Knowing where you are will help get you to where you want to be. Performance testing gives you the knowledge you need to maximize your training. Based on your results, we can provide evidence-based recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Aurora BayCare offers a full complement of sports performance assessments. These tests provide an in-depth look at your fitness and body mechanics, providing valuable information to assess your current fitness and evaluate progress.

Performance Assessments

  • Bike fitting – gain speed and minimize injuries while cycling
  • Golf swing assessment – learn to improve accuracy and power
  • Gait analysis, running assessment – gain speed and minimize injuries
  • Video analysis – optimize your throwing, hitting, and swing techniques
  • Resting metabolic rate – determine the calories you need to function at rest
  • Lactate testing – monitor the lactic acid build-up in your body during workouts
  • Vo2 Max – determine your oxygen consumption to evaluate aerobic endurance
  • Nutrition consults – optimize fuel and hydration plans for performance and recovery
  • ImPACT™ concussion testing – baseline and post-injury tests aid treatment and recovery plans

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us to discuss your needs. We have team expertise and advanced sports performance technology to provide a wide range of performance assessments and training services.

To schedule performance testing, call 920-288-5491.