Bike Fitting Analysis

A well fit bike improves performance and comfort and decreases the likelihood of injury

Bike fitting analysis will help to improve your cycling efficiency by addressing your bike fit, pedal-to-foot interface, and musculoskeletal imbalances.

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Each bike fit begins with a clinical evaluation to understand the strengths and limitations of each cyclist. 

Bike Fitting Appointment Details

The bike fitting program is available to cyclists of all levels who have concerns about their bike fit, have new or old injuries that are aggravated while riding, or want to improve their cycling efficiency.

Your personalized bike fit analysis includes:

Level 1 - Not for triathlon bikes

  • 90-minute consultation and a 45-minute follow up
  • Review of cycling history and training regimen
  • Static bike fit including foot alignment, saddle and handle bar position, and cycling mechanics
  • Musculoskeletal screening
  • Advice on injury prevention

Level 2

  • 120-minute consultation and a 60-minute follow up
  • Everything in Level 1 fitting
  • Knee and cleat alignment using laser precision
  • Dynamic assessment using video analysis

All follow ups scheduled within 6 months of initial consultation


Level 1 - $150

Level 2 - $200

Both levels include the first $10 in small parts for the bike fitting

Second bike - $67

60-minute assessment, must be scheduled with 6 months of your first appointment, with no follow up.

To schedule your bike fitting analysis, call us at 920-288-5491.

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