Performance Sports Training

Go beyond your best.

We can make you faster, stronger, and more explosive. Improvement has no barriers. Work with the certified performance trainers at Aurora BayCare and make your athletic dreams come true. We deliver results for athletes of all ages and skill levels.  

Aurora BayCare’s performance enhancement program uses evidence-based training to build athletic performance. Sport-specific programs are developed to meet the goals of each individual athlete. Training is individualized, so athletes can focus on specific strategies to improve their playmaking skills.

Performance sports training is designed to increase:

  • Speed and endurance
  • Agility and balance
  • Power and strength
  • Proper movement patterns

Every athlete who completes our program gets quicker and stronger.

Any Athlete, Any Goal

At Aurora BayCare, you’ll train like a pro, or maybe even next to one! Designed to meet the needs of elite athletes, our state-of-the-art training facility welcomes athletes of any level. Our sports performance trainers have coached national champions, All Americans, high school competitors, and first-time athletes, helping everyone reach their peak performance.

We offer:

  • Middle & high school training
  • Pro training
  • Adult, amateur training
  • Performance camps
  • Team training

Team Training

Team training programs offer challenging, progressive workouts customized for your team. We’ll educate your athletes on training strategy while providing an engaging workout to develop sport-specific speed, agility, and power.

Prepare for your season and enhance your competitive edge. Training sessions may be coordinated at the Aurora BayCare’s sports performance facility or your own training center.

We implement Athletic Republic™ training programs, a science-based sports training system that has delivered real, quantifiable results to over 1,000,000 athletes worldwide.




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