Athletic Republic™

Performance sports training

Athletic Republic™ is a performance enhancement program that uses advanced training technologies to build athletic performance. This science-based sports training system has delivered real, quantifiable results to over 800,000 athletes.

The Athletic Republic program is built out of a firm belief that there is a better way to train athletes, a better way to rehabilitate and a better way to maintain peak athletic performance. It’s intelligent sports training.

The Athletic Republic program is set up to meet the goals of each individual athlete. Our programs are designed by position, so athletes can focus on specific strategies to improve their playmaking skills. Athletic Republic is designed to increase:

  • Speed and endurance
  • Agility and balance
  • Power and strength
  • Proper movement patterns

Every athlete who completes our program gets quicker and stronger.

Try our free training session!

Let us show you how our program works.  Come in for a free training session to see how our program will make you into a better athlete.  Learn how our training at Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine will make you into a better athlete.  

One of our sports training specialists will also discuss how we customize a training package for each of our athletes.  

  • Flexible - works around your busy schedule
  • Customized - designed to meet your needs
  • Proven - get the most out of your training program

Each training program will include:

  • Pre-test/athlete assessment and post-test/athlete development
  • 90-minute training sessions
  • Speed, agility, endurance and strength training
  • Sport-specific movements


Program pricing 

Athlete pricing (90-minute sessions):

  • 12 sessions $336 ($28/session)
  • 18 sessions $450 ($25/session)
  • 24 sessions $480 ($20/session)

Youth ground-based pricing (60-minute sessions):

  • 12 sessions $312 ($26/session)
  • 18 sessions $414 ($23/session)
  • 24 sessions $432 ($18/session)

Ala carte items:

  • Pre/post test $65
  • One Session $30
  • 1-on-1 session $35

ACL Bridge:

  • 25 sessions $720 ($30/session)

Sport Cord Training:

  • 12 sessions $300 ($25/session)

Call 920-288-5491 to schedule a free training session. 


More about our program

Average program results (8 weeks, 24 sessions):

  • A .20 second decrease in the 40-yard dash
  • An increase of 2 to 4 inches in vertical jump
  • A 50% reduction in recovery rates
  • A throwing velocity increase of 5 mph
  • 20% increase in peak force and power

What does the Athletic Republic™ program consist of?

The Athletic Republic™ program is developed around an individual's goals. Our individual training programs may include:

  • Physical assessment and functional movement screening
  • Interval treadmill training
  • Ground-based training 
  • Plyometrics
  • Strength and core training
  • Sport cord and balance training

The optimum program takes six to eight weeks to complete, depending on your goals. Plan to schedule two to three sessions per week for maximum results. At the end of the program, you will receive a follow-up evaluation so trainers can measure your improvements.

Are there age limits?

Participants must be 8 years old to begin an Athletic Republic program. Our certified trainers modify the intensity and program duration for each athlete so Athletic Republic is safe and effective for all ages.

How much does an Athletic Republic program cost?

Once you’ve completed your pre-test, the trainer will meet with you (and your parents, if applicable) to discuss your goals. After determining your goals, the trainer will outline the details of the program, along with the number of sessions and the program cost.

When should I begin Athletic Republic?

The timing is crucial. The program is designed for the athlete to be at a peak performance level leading into the start of their season. We recommend you begin your Athletic Republic program 8 to 14 weeks in advance.

What sport-specific programs do you have?

Athletic Republic programs are designed to solidify fundamental movements essential for each individual sport. Our trainers condition the athlete for the season and we leave the coaching to the coaches.

Get the edge in sports such as:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey 
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
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