Endurance Training

Go beyond your goals and become the ultimate lifelong athlete.

Gearing up for a big event? Aurora BayCare offers endurance training programs designed to get you ready for your target race. Exceed your personal goals with sport-specific conditioning, training, and event education.

Endurance training increases your ability to exert yourself over extended periods of time. Consider special event training when…

  • You are trying to finish your first endurance event
  • You want to finish your next race in record time
  • You’ve had past performance or injury problems
  • You are looking for expert, evidence-based training to increase your competitive edge 

Performance Cycling

Push yourself and pedal on. Designed for performance cyclists, this cross-training program guides you through a targeted spinning and circuit training regimen. We’ll focus on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, overloading and recovery, riding efficiencies, and injury prevention.

If you’re a mountain biker, road cyclist, or triathlete, talk to us about performance training. This program is open to long-distance cyclists of all ability levels.

Distance running

Good form, good distance. Distance running programs are designed for marathoners, cross-country runners, track athletes, and trail runners.

Our team of endurance training experts will analyze your training, technique, conditioning, and more. We’ll help you create a plan to prevent injury, increase stamina, and improve your personal performance. We offer training programs designed for runners of all distance and experience levels.

Training for Endurance Athletes

Our level of endurance influences the ability to perform and excel in any sport. That’s why committed athletes incorporate endurance training into their regular workout schedule.

Aurora BayCare has qualified personal trainers who can make sure you’re getting the most out of your endurance training program. Your personal trainer will take the following factors into account when designing your program:

  • Your current strength, power, and endurance
  • Your current training regime, age, body weight, and available time
  • Improving your lactate threshold
  • Improving your VO2 max (oxygen uptake)
  • Training volume and intensity
  • Exercise economy
  • Muscle fiber
  • Injury prevention
  • Your motivation and goal

Endurance training programs will include a mix of cardio endurance, flexibility, and muscular endurance exercises.  Depending on your sport and goals, your programs may include slow distance training, high intensity interval training, Fartlek training, circuit training, repetition training, and pace-tempo training. We can also coach you on hydration and exercise nutrition.  

We’ll develop the optimum training program to help you reach peak fitness and reach your goals.

Health Benefits of Endurance Training

Endurance training helps your body be more efficient at delivering oxygen to working muscles. Through training, your body will also gain greater ability to convert fat and carbs into energy. That’s why endurance training doesn’t just improve your athletic performance, it boosts your overall health.

Like regular aerobic activity, endurance training may provide health benefits like these:

  • Greater muscle mass
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Greater bone density
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Stress reduction
  • Better brain function
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved sleep quality

Endurance Training for Any Sport, Any Level

Endurance training is essential to participate in endurance competitions like a marathon, Ironman, Tough Mudder, century ride, and more. It’s also beneficial for athletes in a wide variety of sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, climbing, and skiing.

We support athletes of any age or fitness level. Talk to us for the plans, coaching, and tools you need to reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re preparing for your first 5K, competing in an Ironman, or transitioning from high school to college sports, we are here for you.

Call 920-288-5491 for endurance training program details.

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