Senior Services

Age well. Live well.

Led by a geriatric specialist, the team at Aurora BayCare provides specialized care for your body, mind, and spirit…for you and your loved ones.  As we age, our bodies change.  Our health needs change.  But our desire to live fully-functioning independent lives does not. 

A geriatrician is a medical doctor specializing in elder care. At Aurora BayCare, we have been recognized by US News & World Reports for providing excellent geriatric care.  Our goal is to help you live a comfortable, healthy, and productive life at every age.  In addition to treating your medical condition, our care is aimed at helping you maintain or improve function, independence and your quality of life. 

Treating illness is just one dimension of care.  Helping you to live so that your nutritional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs are also met improves your psychological health as well.  It’s all tied together.  

And it’s all tied in with your community of caregivers—whether your community is your family, or your “family” at a retirement community—we work with you and your caregivers.  It’s part of our complete care program. 

Medicare Wellness

While our health needs change as we age, one thing that doesn’t is the importance of regular check-ups. Regular check-ups are key to discovering health problems early, when they are most easily and successfully treated. 
Medicare covers many preventive services, including:

  • Annual physical exams
  • Bone mass measurements for individuals at risk for osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Diabetes screening and self-management
  • Flu, pneumonia, and Hepatitis B shots for individuals at risk
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Tests for breast, cervical, vaginal, colorectal, and prostate cancers

Talk with your doctor about the types of preventive services you need and how often you need them.

Acute Care for the Elderly

Research indicates that about 25% of older adults hospitalized for common acute illnesses never return to their former living situations because they lose the ability to perform basic daily functions.

Should you require a stay at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, you can be assured that one of our goals is to help you maintain your function and independence so that you can once again return home.

Our team of elder care professionals is led by a geriatric specialist, and includes hospitalists and nurses with expertise in geriatric care, skilled nurses, a geriatric pharmacist, physical, speech and occupational therapists, social workers and dieticians. In consultation with your primary doctor, your team can quickly develop a comprehensive plan of care.  This plan not only addresses the reason for your hospitalization, it also emphasizes your independence, with specific protocols for rehabilitation and preventing cognitive and physical decline.

Elderly-Friendly ED

Aurora BayCare is a certified Geriatric Emergency Department. We provide special assessments to senior-specific issues such as fall risk, cognitive problems, and medication interactions—all common complications when treating elderly adults. We also offer assistive devices, large print forms, and other assistance to enhance the safety and comfort of our older patients.

Managing Your Independence

Part of maintaining your independence is managing your own care. That’s when knowing your resources can help.  Aurora BayCare provides the following resources to help you manage your independence: 

After discharge, Aurora BayCare provides resources to help you stay at home.  Home health care providers with Aurora at Home have been providing home health care for more than 100 years. Whether you need palliative care, delivery and set-up of medical equipment, dietary care, or post-surgical care, our health care professionals can assist.  

Aurora BayCare offers a home delivery service for your prescription medicines.  If your health or transportation needs make it difficult and/or costly for you to get to a pharmacy to pick up your medications, Aurora BayCare pharmacy home delivery may be right for you.  We deliver your prescriptions right to your door, saving you time, money, and worry when you aren’t feeling well.

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