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The most experienced team in the area

Pulling a sweater on over your head, picking up a small child, or carrying a bag of groceries—these everyday tasks become exceedingly difficult when you are dealing with elbow or shoulder pain.

Aurora BayCare’s orthopedic team specializes in providing innovative treatments for shoulder problems. We treat both degenerative shoulder issues that occur with age as well as sports-related shoulder injuries.

Our treatment programs include performance training, physical therapy, surgical management, and personalized rehabilitation plans.

Ahead of the Curve

Our surgeons use the latest techniques, including minimally invasive methods that reduce pain and improve recovery time. In fact, we are the first (and only) provider in the Green Bay area to offer reverse total shoulder replacement. This revolutionary new procedure allows an experienced surgeon to repair shoulder problems that were previously considered untreatable. Hear stories from real people in your community that have had orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation by visiting the Real People, Real Stories in orthopedics page. 

More Experience

Some local surgeons only do two or three shoulder surgeries a year. At Aurora BayCare, we do far more. In fact, we do more shoulder surgeries than many other area orthopedic groups combined. 

Research shows that patient outcomes are tied to a surgeon’s experience. Patients experience fewer complications, better results, and more cost-effective care when shoulder surgery is performed by a surgeon who does the procedure frequently.

Focused On Your Goals

For many shoulder and elbow problems, medication and physical therapy are the best treatment. Our orthopedic specialists exhaust non-surgical treatment options first.  But if you have chronic shoulder pain that cannot be resolved through conservative methods, we offer the most experienced shoulder surgery team in the area.

Above all, we are committed to helping you regain your full range of motion. Whether you want to return to the playing field or get back to work, our physicians have the skill and experience to get you there in the safest, fastest manner possible.

Shoulder Surgery

With the exception of shoulder replacements, most shoulder surgeries are performed arthroscopically.

  • Shoulder instability surgery
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Impingement surgery
  • AC joint reconstruction
  • Biceps tendon repair
  • Shoulder fracture repair

Elbow Surgery

Just like our shoulder surgeries, most elbow surgeries are performed arthroscopically.

It’s Time to Reach Out

Don’t live with the pain. Delaying treatment can cause additional joint and tissue damage. Our team of elbow and shoulder specialists has the experience and subspecialty training to treat your condition.

Aurora BayCare Orthopedic Minute

Dr. Shawn Hennigan talks about self-referrals for shoulder treatments

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