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At Aurora BayCare Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing leading edge orthopedic care so you can get back to life. Hear stories from real people in your community who have experienced orthopedic and rehabilitation treatment at Aurora BayCare. 


Road to Recovery: Shoulder Repair

Follow Jake, CrossFit coach and fitness enthusiast, on his road to recovery. As a new dad with chronic shoulder pain limiting his everyday activity, Jake knew it was time to take action. He started his journey with a diagnosis from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shawn Hennigan.

Jake Vignette 1 620

A team creating a game plan

Jake Vignette 2 620

Setting goals for recovery

Jake Vignette 3 620

Gaining back strength 

Jake Vignette 4 620

Getting back to life

Hip, knee, shoulder and other stories 

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