Seamless orthopedic care from pre-op planning to post-op rehabilitation


Orthopedics is a medical specialty concerned with musculoskeletal diseases and injuries. Orthopedic conditions range from ligament and tendon damage to hereditary problems, such as scoliosis.

At Aurora BayCare, you receive seamless orthopedic care from pre-op planning to post-op rehabilitation.  A specialty orthopedic center, Aurora BayCare is a leading provider of orthopedic surgery in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin. Our multidisciplinary team of orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, nurses, and a bone health specialist has highly-skilled expertise and access to the latest in orthopedic technology.

We are dedicated to staying on top of medical advancements in both treatment and technology to bring you the greatest breadth and depth in treatment options available.  Our goal is to provide both preventative care and any necessary treatment to restore you to a pain-free, fully-functioning life—however you define it. Hear stories from real people in your community, including more of Britt's story, that have had orthopedic treatment at Aurora BayCare.

Why Choose Aurora BayCare for Orthopedic Surgery?

Aurora BayCare is the leader in orthopedic surgery in the Green Bay area. We led the way with these regional firsts:

  • 1st minimally invasive outpatient total knee replacement
  • 1st reverse total shoulder replacement
  • 1st arthroscopic labral repair in the hip
  • 1st anterior hip replacement
  • 1st cell-based cartilage transplantation for symptomatic cartilage damage in the knee
  • 1st biological based repair for ACL injuries
  • 1st total ankle replacement
  • 1st SI joint fusion

Orthopedic Services

The orthopedic specialists at Aurora BayCare deliver a wide range of orthopedic services, including:

Recovery & Rehabilitation

After an orthopedic surgery, you will work with our physical therapists and trainers to complete your customized course of rehabilitation in our 120,000 square foot Sports Medicine facility.  Whether you are an athlete attempting to get back in action, or if you just want to get back to gardening or kayaking, our physical therapists and training experts will work with you to achieve your goals. 

Real People, Real Stories

Hear real stories from people in your community that have gone through amazing orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation by visiting the orthopedic Real People, Real Stories page.

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