Knee Surgery 

More options, better results

You no longer have to choose between living with knee pain or giving up the activities you love. With all the medical advances in treating knee pain, you now have better options.

At Aurora BayCare Medical Center, our orthopedic specialists are known for innovation in knee surgery.  We introduced minimally invasive knee replacement and cartilage restoration to Northeast Wisconsin.

We not only stay current with the latest developments in knee pain treatment, we pioneer procedures to achieve even better outcomes for people like you.

Knee pain is often caused by osteoarthritis, the result of gradual, continuous wear on the joint.  It can also be caused by damaged cartilage and torn ligaments due to sports or work-related injuries.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

Minimally invasive knee replacement affords many of the same benefits as other minimally invasive surgeries: less blood loss, smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, less pain.  Most people are candidates for minimally invasive knee replacement.

High Flex Knee Replacement

Now, high flex knee replacements are available for younger, active individuals who need a greater range of motion. High flex knee replacements are designed to accommodate 155 degrees of flex, enough to garden and even kneel on the floor.

Knee Resurfacing

Knee resurfacing is also known as partial knee replacement.  A minimally invasive procedure, your orthopedic surgeon resurfaces (replaces) only part of the knee joint.  The healthy cartilage, bone, and ligaments in your knee are preserved.  With knee resurfacing, you can expect to experience less pain and recover more quickly. Because knee resurfacing saves much of your original knee, you benefit from improved mobility and better natural motion.

Custom Knee Implants

The field of knee surgery made great strides when manufacturers developed knee implants designed for people of different gender and size.  Today, we've made an even greater leap with the introduction of custom knee implants. Your knee replacement implant can now be customized specifically for you.  Employing a less invasive surgical technique, your customized implant offers you the benefits of a more natural feel.

ACL Reconstruction

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, provides stability for the knee. A torn ACL may require reconstructive surgery to replace the original ligament with a graft. Surgery can help restore stability and prevent secondary damage to cartilage in the knee. ACL reconstruction surgery is an outpatient procedure performed using minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques.  This involves inserting tiny instruments through small openings near the knee joint.  Damaged tissue is then removed or repaired to relieve pain and swelling, and to possibly prevent further damage to the knee.

Meniscus Repairs

A meniscus repair fixes torn cartilage in the knee. Some tears are small and can be treated with nonsurgical methods. If surgery is required, your doctor will repair the tear with a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. The orthopedic surgeons at Aurora BayCare are also pioneering meniscus transplants as a treatment option for the most severe tears.

Radio personality Bear O'Brian shares his personal experience with meniscus repair by Dr. Limoni

Knee Realignment

Occasionally, poor leg alignment may cause damage to the inside of the knee joint.  Non-surgical knee realignment treatments can help restore normal alignment to the joint. Realignment may be recommended if you are young enough that a knee replacement would not provide sufficient longevity over your lifetime. Realignment can prevent further damage to the cartilage, hopefully avoiding the need in the future for a total joint replacement, or at least delaying the need by five to 10 years.

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