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Is your knee sore or cracking? The knee is our largest weight-bearing joint, and it plays an important role in our ability to get around. Unfortunately, it’s also prone to damage. When that happens, even everyday movements can be painful.

Because of new advances in technology and surgical techniques, we can now treat knee problems in both older and younger individuals, including athletes, with the goal of optimal recovery and normal function.

Whatever your symptoms, whatever your age, if your lifestyle has been limited due to knee problems, you can get help from the orthopedic specialists at Aurora BayCare.

Knee Surgery

Our orthopedic specialists are known for innovation in knee surgery. We introduced minimally invasive knee replacement and cartilage restoration to Northeast Wisconsin. We stay current on the latest developments in knee pain treatment, offering a variety of conservative and minimally invasive treatment options.

Learn more about knee surgery at Aurora BayCare. 


Knee Replacement

Knee pain can keep you away from work and away from the activities you like best. Reclaim your lifestyle. Knee replacement is your next step when medication and therapy treatments don’t work. 

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures performed today, with more than half a million knee replacements performed each year in the United States. Nationally, half the patients receiving knee replacements are younger than 65 and most are in the workforce.

Learn more about knee replacement at Aurora BayCare. 

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