Total Ankle Replacement

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Get back on your feet. Ankle replacement surgery has evolved and it’s now possible to enjoy an active, pain-free lifestyle after ankle surgery. You can continue to hike, bike, and ski thanks to state-limoni foot or ankle surgeryof-the-art ankle replacements available at Aurora BayCare.

Ankle replacement surgery, also called ankle arthroplasty, has developed rapidly in the last 10 years. Today, it’s proven to be a highly successful solution for people with severe ankle pain and arthritis.   

What’s an Ankle Replacement?

With an ankle replacement, your damaged ankle joint is replaced with an artificial implant. During this minimally invasive surgery, your doctor will remove damaged cartilage and bone from your ankle and insert a new ankle joint.

This new joint is made of metal caps that replace damaged bone, cushioned by a high-grade plastic that simulates your natural cartilage.

CT Total Guided Ankle

We use cutting-edge instrumentation to guide us during surgery, ensuring a tight fit and proper alignment. CT-based computer assisted surgery provides precise placement of your new ankle joint.

With a combination of computer imaging and your own CT scan, this revolutionary new technology helps your doctor determine the optimum size of your implant and then pre-plan your surgery. The result:

  • Less complexity during surgery
  • Less X-ray exposure during your procedure
  • Reduced surgical time

Am I a Candidate?

Generally, an ankle replacement is recommended for someone with advanced ankle arthritis, a damaged ankle joint, or other painful ankle condition.

Many patients try nonsurgical treatment first, including medication, steroid injections, physical therapy, and bracing. But if those options no longer work, you may find significant relief with a total ankle replacement.

After Ankle Replacement Surgery

People who’ve had ankle replacement surgery can continue to enjoy many dynamic sports, including hiking, biking and skiing. In fact, many patients are more active after surgery because they are finally pain free!

With an ankle replacement, you’ll maintain the range of motion you need to turn, flex, and walk up an incline. Running and jumping, however, is not recommended.

Ankle Replacement versus Fusion

Ankle joint fusion was once the standard treatment for arthritic ankle pain. Fusion uses screws and plates to fuse your ankle joint into one continuous bone. This is typically a successful way to get rid of pain, but many patients find they have a stiff leg and difficulty walking.

With an ankle replacement, you maintain range of motion. You can walk normally and continue a variety of activities that aren’t possible with a fusion. And because the ankle can still bend naturally, you’ll put less stress on the surrounding joint, reducing the risk of doing new damage to your ankle.

If you’ve previously had an ankle fusion and are dissatisfied with the results, you may still be a candidate for an ankle replacement.

How Long Will My Ankle Replacement Last?

Today’s modern ankle replacements are durable and should last 10 to 15 years before your implant wears out. If that happens, your joint can often be repaired by replacing just the plastic part that simulates cartilage, reducing recovery time.

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Experience matters. Aurora BayCare was the first to introduce total ankle replacements to Green Bay.

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