Comprehensive Stroke Center

We are the first and only certified Comprehensive Stroke Center in Northeast Wisconsin, offering advanced stroke care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re ready at all times, with the region’s largest neurointervention team and a dedicated unit for stroke patients. Hear stories from real people who have had treatment at Aurora BayCare.

Your Best Chance for Recovery

Aurora BayCare is one of four hospitals in the state of Wisconsin awarded Comprehensive Stroke Center certification.  Comprehensive stroke centers are typically the largest and best-equipped hospitals in a region, prepared to treat any kind of stroke or stroke complication.

A stroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. New interventions are now available that may reverse or reduce the deficits typically resulting from a stroke, if provided early enough. Our skilled staff is ready 24/7 to treat stroke emergencies with this kind of leading-edge neurointerventional care.

Certified by DNV Healthcare, the Aurora BayCare stroke center has the advanced technology, highly trained medical personnel, and processes in place to provide the very best in stroke care.

The New Standard Is Here

Our stroke care standards include:

  • Region’s first and only certified Comprehensive Stroke Center
  • Dedicated stroke unit
  • Advanced care for all stroke patients, ischemic (blocked blood vessels) and hemorrhagic (bleeding, such as burst aneurysms)
  • First in Northeast Wisconsin to treat stoke patients with SOLITAIRE clot-removing technology
  • The largest neurointervention team of specialists including the region's first and only interventional neurologist and cerebrovascular neurosurgeon
  • Emergency stroke program - emergency department trained in acute stroke response
  • Dedicated stroke units
  • Telestroke Program - 24/7 access to acute stroke care in rural areas
  • Neurosurgical services and acute stroke teams available 24/7
  • Diagnostic and neuroimaging services available 24/7
  • Stroke rehab and stroke support group
  • Recognized as Wisconsin Department of Health Services Coverdell Stroke Program Champion for superior stroke education and care improvement
  • Earned multiple American Heart Association ‘Get With The Guidelines’  Gold Plus Target Stroke Elite awards for commitment to excellent stroke care

Comprehensive Stroke Certification

In the U.S., hospitals can earn certification as a Primary or a Comprehensive Stroke Center. Only a few, elite hospitals meet the Comprehensive Stroke Center criteria. Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a national leader, proud to be part of a highly select group of stroke care providers.

What it means to be a Comprehensive Stroke Center:

  • 24/7 neurointerventional care
  • Care for all types of stroke patients, both ischemic and hemorrhagic
  • Specialized, dedicated ICU unit for stroke patients
  • 24/7 Advanced Neuro imaging availability
  • Biplane procedure room
  • High-quality care to support recovery

As a certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, Aurora BayCare participates studies and clinical trials that give you access to the latest treatments. We also provide acute stroke consultations to surrounding community hospitals via our telestroke program.

Comprehensive Stroke Centers provide advanced high quality care, more quickly. This means our patients experience fewer negative effects (like death or permanent disability) and return to normal daily activities sooner. Comprehensive Stroke Centers provide a safer environment and better patient outcomes.

Warning Signs of a Stroke

Fewer than one in five Americans can identify even one stroke symptom. That’s why Aurora BayCare is asking people to learn F.A.S.T.!

F - Face (Ask a person to smile. Does one side of the face sag or droop?)

A - Arms (Ask a person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?)

S - Speech (Ask the person to repeat a single sentence. Does the speech sound slurred or strange?)

T - Time (Seconds matter. Call 911 or get to the nearest primary stroke center or hospital.)

Learn more about recognizing a stroke.

Hear real life testimonials from those whose lives have been saved by our team on our Real People, Real Stories in Neuroscience page.

Dr. Darkhabani discusses the importance of fast stroke treatment with WIXX's Nick Vitrano: 

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