Neurovascular Disorders

Aurora BayCare offers advanced treatment options for people with neurovascular disorders. If you have a brain aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation (AVM), or other neurovascular disorder, you can get expert care here, close to home.

Neurovascular disease refers to conditions that affect the blood vessels and blood supply to the brain. The word is made up of two parts: “neuro,” which means the brain and nervous system, and “vascular” which refers to the veins and arteries.

Blood Flow to the Brain

If your brain isn’t getting enough blood, it could be due to several reasons: a narrowed blood vessel (called stenosis), blockage (embolism), clot formation (thrombosis), or a ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhage).

No matter what the reason, when your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, you can lose brain cells. The results may be devastating. Long term damage can result in physical or mental disabilities.

Stroke, transient ischemic attacks, and aneurysms are all types of neruovascular disease. Other examples include carotid artery disease, intracranial stenosis, and vascular malformations.

Whatever your condition, we’re here to help with breakthrough treatments. Aurora BayCare is home to the area’s leading experts in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for neurovascular diseases.

Leading-Edge Care

Aurora BayCare has the area’s largest neurointervention team. We’re leading the way with minimally invasive treatments for aneurysms and cerebrovascular disease. A highly effective alternative to open surgery, these procedures are saving lives and helping more people live disability-free.

Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art biplane procedure room provides superior imaging capabilities, including 3D angiographic reconstruction. This, combined with the expertise of our neurologists, enables us to treat our patients with cutting-edge microsurgical neurointerventions and endovascular techniques.

Experts in Neurointerventions

Aurora BayCare doctors are actively studying the development of neurovascular disease and are helping find better ways to treat it. We specialize in treating a variety of potentially life-threatening neurovascular conditions like these:

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