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Aurora BayCare is leading the way in the use of an innovative treatment approach called neurointervention.

Neurointervention is a minimally invasive way to treat brain and spine disorders like stroke, aneurysms, and AVMs. This highly effective treatment is saving lives and helping more people live disability-free.

An Alternative to Open Surgery

In traditional brain surgery, a neurosurgeon opens the skull to expose the brain. But neurointervention specialists can treat brain and spine disorders using only one small incision in the groin.

Your surgeon inserts a thin tube called a catheter into your blood vessel and then threads it up to the treatment area in your brain or spine. High-tech machines transmit clear pictures that give your surgeon a detailed view throughout the procedure.

This less invasive approach typically means less injury to surrounding tissue, less risk, and shorter recovery times.

Advanced Care for Stroke Other Disorders

There are many ways Aurora BayCare’s neurointervention team uses this innovation to help you or your loved ones. With neurointerventions they can:

  • Use a tiny device to remove a clot directly from the affected area in your brain
  • Insert a balloon or a stent to open a blocked blood vessel
  • Reduce blood supply to head and neck tumors before surgery
  • Block off blood supply to an aneurysm, AVM, or fistula

Neurointervention also provides improved diagnostic capabilities compared to traditional open surgery. This enhances our ability to detect aneurysms, tumors, or malformations in your blood vessels. Better information means faster, safer, more accurate treatment.

When you need complex treatment for brain or spinal conditions, your Aurora BayCare neuro specialists can offer the least invasive, most effective approach. Sometimes conventional surgery may be your best option. Our team partners together to provide the full range of treatment options. We’ll work with you to determine the best plan for you.

Endovascular Therapy for Stroke

Leading-Edge Care

Aurora BayCare has the area’s first interventional neurologist and the largest neurointervention team in the area. That’s why we’re the...

  • First and only Comprehensive Stroke Center in the region
  • Most experienced team for stroke, aneurysms, and cerebrovascular disease
  • Only hospital in the region with 24/7 neurointerventional care

Aurora BayCare’s neurointervention team brings critical expertise to the region. We’re saving lives and reducing the risk of long-term disability for patients in Green Bay, northern Wisconsin and the UP.

Watch stories from people in your community whose lives have been saved by our neuroscience team on our Real People, Real Stories in Neuroscience page.

Advanced Technology

Patients at Aurora BayCare have 24/7 access to emergency stroke and aneurysm care. A biplane procedure room, located just off the emergency department, means we can provide faster care for stroke patients and people with cerebral aneurysms.

A biplane system provides highly-detailed 3D views of the blood vessels in the brain and vessels leading to the brain. This advanced imaging technology improves visualization and helps us reduce procedure time and radiation dose.

The images produced by the biplane system enhance our doctors’ ability to perform neurointerventional procedures such as clot removal, aneurysm repair, and treatments for other neurovascular conditions like AVMs, carotid artery disease, brain tumors, and more. With it, we can widen the treatment window for stroke and treat other conditions once considered inoperable.

This advanced imaging technology is a giant leap forward in helping our doctors diagnose and treat neurovascular conditions. We’re proud to provide people in Green Bay and the surrounding areas with the most advanced neurovascular imaging available.

The Region’s Largest Neurointervention Team

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