Neuroscience Research

Research for stroke and neurological disorders

We’re pushing boundaries and advancing healthcare. The research we do at Aurora BayCare helps develop safer, more effective treatments.

Our research is helping us learn more about stroke and neurological disorders as well as the best ways to treat them. We’re leading the way with new treatments, helping prevent disease and disability, and improving tools for diagnosis and treatment.

Our research interests include:

  • Superior stroke care: Our stroke care is among the best in the country. Yet we’re continuing to innovate and test new ways to increase response time and improve early interventions. We’re setting new benchmarks and leading the way for other hospitals to emulate our proven, best practices.
  • Safer ways to treat aneurysms, strokes, and stenosis: Through our research programs, we’re using cutting-edge surgical tools, drugs, and devices that help maintain blood flow to the brain. These technologies allow us to lower risk and reduce disability for patients with the most devastating conditions.
  • Better quality of life: We’re helping people with neurological disorders, like multiple sclerosis, through global drug studies. We’re learning more about drug side effects and how to prevent them.

Research at Aurora BayCare covers a range of neurological conditions, from degenerative disorders to stroke and spine care. Work is led by Aurora BayCare physicians, meaning new clinical knowledge is readily applied to patient care.

Our goal is to better understand the nervous system and enable discoveries that improve treatment for neurological conditions. We’re furthering medical advances in neurological care for people around the world, especially our neighbors right here in northeast Wisconsin.

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