From ADHD to dementia and concussions, we help you deal with illnesses and injuries that disrupt normal brain function

Our neuropsychology team is part of the neuroscience group at Aurora BayCare. We employ licensed neuropsychologists with expertise in child, adult, and geriatric neuropsychological evaluations.

Services include comprehensive memory and cognitive assessments for patients experiencing changes in concentration, reasoning, memory, and personality. We have specialized expertise in complex conditions such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, epilepsy, and concussions, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s diseaseParkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

Part of Your Treatment Team

Our neuropsychology team provides neuropsychological testing for children, teens, adults, and the elderly. Our assessments help:

  • Establish a baseline that can help your doctors evaluate progress and make future treatment decisions
  • Measure your impairments to predict progression and/or recovery
  • Help you and your doctors make decisions about returning to work, school, sports, etc.
  • Assist in managing your rehabilitation program
  • Help family members and caretakers understand your abilities and needs regarding thinking, memory, language, and other skills that require processing information
  • Suggest coping strategies

Our services can include consultation with family and caregivers who are experiencing difficulty managing a loved ones’ memory difficulties or other cognitive and behavioral problems.

Neuropsychological Testing

We understand that neuropsychology assessments can create anxiety, and we will provide support throughout the process. All of the necessary tests can be completed on location. Neuropsychology assessments typically include:

  • Tests for memory, language, attention, and executive skills such as reasoning and problem-solving
  • An interview with both the patient and a family member or friend (when possible)
  • A review of the patient’s medical records

After an assessment, a neuropsychologist interprets your results based on your unique personal and medical history. They will review their impressions and recommendations with you and will provide their findings to your referring physician, as appropriate.

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