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The region’s largest neurointervention team is only available at Aurora BayCare. Comprised of the region’s first and only interventional neurologist and cerebrovascular neurosurgeon, our team provides the highest level of care for patients with a wide range of neurovascular conditions, including complex stroke, aneurysm, arterial venous malformation (AVM) and other cerebrovascular diseases that occur within the vessels of the brain and spine. 


What is Neurointervention? 
Neurointervention is a minimally invasive approach where specialists in interventional neurology, cerebrovascular neurosurgery and neuroradiology use catheters and high-performance imaging to diagnose and repair blood vessels in the brain or spinal cord. The incision made is often no larger than a dime.

Conditions Treated by Neurointervention
Our highly skilled team of experts uses minimally invasive neurointervention procedures to treat patients with:


Benefits of Neurointervention

As an alternative to open spine or brain surgery, neurointervention procedures are minimally invasive treatment options. That may mean less risk, less pain and shorter recovery periods. Some treatments (including emergency stroke care) are not feasible using an open surgery approach and can only be performed using a neurointervention procedure to increase patient outcomes. 

Because Aurora BayCare has the largest neurointervention team of specialists and a hybrid operating room, neurointervention also provides improved diagnostic capabilities compared to traditional open surgery. This enhances our ability to detect aneurysms, tumors or malformations in your blood vessels. Better information means faster, safer, more accurate treatment.

Endovascular Therapy for Stroke 

Leading-Edge Care
Aurora BayCare’s neurointervention team of specialists brings critical expertise to the region. These technologies are saving lives and significantly reducing long-term disability and other complications for patients in Green Bay, northern Wisconsin and the UP. Watch stories from people in your community whose lives have been saved by our neuroscience team on our Real People, Real Stories in Neuroscience page.

The Region’s Largest Neurointervention Team

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