Robotic Bronchoscopy

With robotic bronchoscopy, we find and diagnose lung cancer sooner. Traditional bronchoscopy can’t reach deep into the lungs to access hard-to-reach nodules. The harder it is to make a diagnosis, the more your treatment is delayed.

Now, with robotic bronchoscopy, we can see more clearly and reach farther into the lungs without invasive surgery. We get faster, more accurate results, and you get critical answers sooner.

Aurora BayCare was the first hospital in Wisconsin to offer robotic bronchoscopy. We are leaders in utilizing robotic technology to advance patient care.

A Scientific Leap Ahead

With robotic bronchoscopy, we can visualize and biopsy remote parts of your lungs – areas that were previously inaccessible. Robotic bronchoscopies provide great precision and reach. It’s a vital new tool that allows us to navigate your lungs safely and diagnose cancer sooner.

The robotic platform combines computer-assisted navigation with 3D models of your lung. This gives us a clear plan before we begin. Once inside your lungs, your physician has full control and visibility during the entire procedure.

Why robotic bronchoscopy:

  • Greater access – reach far into the lung where most small nodes hide
  • Flexibility – navigate complex airways
  • Constant visibility – your doctor can see the entire procedure with their own eyes
  • Control – precise targeting, stability, and sub-millimeter movements

Earlier Detection for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths.i Early diagnosis is particularly important to catch this disease in its early stages when treatment is most effective. That’s where robotic bronchoscopy gives us a new advantage.

Bronchoscopy has long been the standard to diagnose patients with suspected lung cancer. But it has limitations. Using traditional bronchoscopy, doctors have a hard time reaching nodes that appear far out in the peripheral lung.

Traditional bronchoscopy tools don’t have the visibility and dexterity doctors need to reach these distant areas. The new robotic platform enhances our capabilities. Now, we can offer a less invasive way to diagnose lung cancer. We can identify cancerous lesions earlier, even when they are small and hard to reach. Early diagnosis leads to better outcomes.

Robotic Bronchoscopy at Aurora BayCare

With robotic bronchoscopy, doctors use a robotic controller to navigate a small, flexible scope down through your throat and into your lungs. Your procedure will be performed by a highly trained physician who specializes in robotic bronchoscopy.

You will be under anesthesia while your doctor looks inside your lungs and takes tiny pieces of lung tissue or nodules for biopsy. We can inspect your lymph nodes at the same time, using endoscopic bronchial ultrasound through the same robotic platform.

Robotic bronchoscopy sets a new standard for care. Rapid diagnosis means we can get patients into treatment faster.

Contact Aurora BayCare to find out if robotic bronchoscopy is right for you.

i National Cancer Institute. Fact sheet for lung and bronchus cancer.

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