Cardiothoracic Surgery

Treating complex conditions

Aurora BayCare has been recognized for groundbreaking research and positive patient outcomes. We have more experience with minimally invasive heart surgery than any other hospital in thealex roitstein surgery region.

The cardiothoracic surgery team is recognized as a leader in heart, lung and esophageal surgery. Our experience in complex cardiothoracic conditions has helped established Aurora BayCare as a major referral center for cardiovascular patients from around the region.

Surgical Leaders

The Aurora BayCare heart team offers these two groundbreaking procedures:

  • Minimally invasive lobectomy for lung cancer
  • Apical conduit heart aortic valve bypass

A minimally invasive lobectomy is a specific kind of video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS).  VATS surgeries are performed with the help of a small video camera inserted into a patient’s chest. These procedures use small incisions and do not require opening the chest or spreading the ribs or chest muscles.

VATS procedures involve less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and lower risk of complications than traditional open chest surgeries. Aurora BayCare has more experience with VATS procedures than any other hospital in the region.

The “beating heart” surgery was another regional first at Aurora BayCare. Unlike traditional valve surgery, an aortic valve bypass does not require stopping the heart or splitting the patient’s breastbone. This procedure is ideal for older patients and those who have already had cardiac surgery.

Heart Surgery Procedures

Our board-certified cardiothoracic surgeons work closely with your primary care physician, cardiologist and/or pulmonologist to deliver the best care possible.  We use the latest advancements in technology and therapeutics and utilize quality initiatives to build upon our previous advancements.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center provides cardiothoracic surgery services including:

  • Aneurysm surgery – repairs a damaged blood vessel by replacing weak sections with a synthetic graft 
  • Arrhythmia surgery, e.g. MAZE procedure – reconstructs portions of the heart’s atrium to correct electrical signals and return the heart to a normal rhythm
  • “Beating heart” surgery
  • Chest wall reconstruction
  • Coronary bypass surgery – creates a new pathway around a blocked artery, allowing blood to reach your heart. Often a healthy blood vessel from another part of your body is used to restore blood flow.
  • Esophageal cancer treatment
  • Heart valve surgery – replaces or repairs one or more of your heart valves.
  • Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for lung or esophageal cancer

2015 Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital

Aurora BayCare is a Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital, as ranked by Truven Health for 2015. Top 50 award winners have higher patient survival rates, lower complication rates and lower costs than other hospitals in the country. 

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