Your front-line heart care providers

Medical cardiologists provide comprehensive heart care management. Think of your cardiologist like a symphony conductor, devising a total plan for treatment and orchestrating your heart care.

Cardiologists treat patients with heart and vascular disease.  They are your front-line heart care providers, working with you from prevention, to diagnosis, and ongoing medical management.

Cardiologists provide a full range of non-invasive tests including electrocardiograms, stress tests and blood pressure and cholesterol assessments. When specialized interventions are needed, they coordinate your care plan and follow-up treatment. 

Cardiac Specialists

Our team of cardiac specialists is one of the largest in the region. As part of our multidisciplinary Heart, Lung and Vascular Center, they are regularly collaborating with physicians from a range of disciplines. This integrated approach ensures you get access to the best possible care.

We also offer the best care for your children, through our children's cardiology services. 

Cardiology Services

We give our patients access to a wide variety of cardiology tests and therapies:

  • Cardiac catheterization – for diagnostic and interventional treatments
  • Cardiac imaging – includes echocardiography, cardiac CT, MRI and nuclear imaging
  • Heart disease prevention – proactive management to maintain your health
  • Genetic counseling – identify your risk for a hereditary heart condition and find out how you might respond to certain medications, based on genetic testing
  • Comprehensive Heart Failure Clinic – ongoing support to manage your condition and reduce further health complications
  • Heart disease treatment – includes surgical interventions and implantable cardiac support devices
  • Electrophysiology – to treat heart failure and arrhythmias

Preventive Cardiac Care

Don’t wait until you have the symptoms for heart disease. Our medical cardiologists focus on lifestyle assessments and risk management in order to prevent cardiac and peripheral vascular diseases. We have several low cost assessment options and screening tools available, so we can see you while you’re still feeling well…and then help keep you that way!

Understanding Heart Disease

Just what is heart disease?

Often used interchangeably, the terms “heart disease” and “cardiovascular disease” cover a wide range of conditions affecting your heart and blood vessels. These conditions include atherosclerosis (a build of up plaque on the artery walls), congestive heart failure, artery and vascular diseases, heart rhythm disorders, and heart valve problems. Each of these conditions affects how your heart works and how well oxygenated blood reaches your other organs. Any form of heart disease can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Genetic Counseling for Heart Disorders

Cardiac genetic counseling helps you learn about how a hereditary heart condition affects you and your family. Find out if you've inherited a serious heart disorder, and find out what an inherited condition could mean for your children or other family members. A genetic counselor can help you with decision-making regarding medical management and preventative care. Your genetic test results will also help your doctor identify the best medications to manage your inherited heart condition.

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