Hybrid Operating Room

Image-guided care in an OR environment

A new type of operating room, the hybrid OR accommodates both breakthrough surgical and image-guided procedures. By combining high-end surgical and imaging technology, the hybrid OR is a superior operating suite, creating the safest environment for complex procedures.


In a hybrid OR, your entire surgery can be handled in one room. If complications or emergencies arise, you can be treated immediately, in the same place, without having to be rushed to another specialized room.


If you need conventional surgery and an image-guided procedure, we can now schedule your treatment in the hybrid OR. In the past, these surgeries may have been staged, with one procedure in the interventional radiology suite and a separate surgery in a conventional operating room. Now, the hybrid OR gives your doctors the flexibility to use both approaches in one surgical event. 


With a hybrid operating room, we can offer faster, safer, less invasive treatment. That means you can expect shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, and reduced rehabilitation needs. Plus, we can now offer minimally invasive surgery to older, higher-risk patients who weren’t previously candidates for surgical care.



A hybrid operating room allows us to schedule both conventional and image-guided procedures at the same time. This reduces delays, reduces your hospital stay, and creates a more cost-effective surgical plan. 

Better Imaging

Hybrid operating rooms are equipped with fixed imaging systems, rather than mobile equipment. Fixed systems provide better quality images, greater range of magnification, a larger field of view, and more advanced imaging functions.

The New Gold Standard

With its advanced imaging technology and flexible surgical capabilities, hybrid ORs are the new gold standard for many vascularcardiovascular, and neurointerventional procedures. 

Aurora BayCare’s hybrid OR is one of the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

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