General Surgery 

More options than ever for surgical care


Your primary care physician may refer you to a general surgeon when nonsurgical diagnostic and treatment approaches are not an option or when they are not helping you to achieve your health goals.  Aurora BayCare general surgeons collaborate with you, your primary care physician and other medical specialists to determine the best surgical treatment approach for you.

We will review with you all of your options for surgery. From anesthesia to surgery to rehab and recovery, it is important that you and your family are comfortable with the process, and that you understand possible surgical outcomes prior to moving forward.

Experience matters. Aurora BayCare general surgeons perform thousands of surgeries a year.  And they use the latest medically advanced techniques and equipment available.  Excellence in surgical health care isn’t in another city or state-it’s right here in your backyard.

We also offer comprehensive children's general surgery to meet the needs of your entire family.


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