Family Practice

Ongoing, patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care

Family Practice physicians provide comprehensive primary care for family members of all ages, from newborns to adults.

Call Out: When you see an Aurora BayCare Family Practice physician, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the entire Aurora BayCare network.

Family Practice is a medical specialty focused on comprehensive health care for individuals of all ages.  Your family physician provides a range of care—from preventive, to acute, to chronic—and will work with you and your family across every age and stage of life.

Why See A Family Physician?

The cornerstone of family medicine is an ongoing, patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care. Family doctors often care for entire families, from infancy through adulthood.

Family physicians provide personal care, with an understanding of your family needs and your community resources. They know your local medical community and can provide sound referrals as necessary and appropriate. They can also act as advocates in the health care system for you.

Your family physician provides you a vast array of health services, including

  • Preventive care—health exams, risk assessment, immunization and screening tests, and education on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Acute care—this may include referral and consultation with other healthcare specialists as necessary.
  • Chronic care—ongoing care, sometimes coordinated with other healthcare specialists and care providers.
    Research shows that people who have an ongoing relationship with a primary-care doctor have better overall health outcomes, lower death rates and lower total costs of care.

Care Across the Life-Span

Aurora BayCare Family Practice board-certified physicians have expertise in all aspects of family medicine across the life-span, from pediatrics through adult and elder-care, encompassing everything from obstetrics and gynecology, to nutrition, counseling and more.

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