Family Medicine

Personalized treatment for everyone in your family, at every life stage

Family Medicine physicians provide family-centered care, including world-class adult medicine and expert pediatrics.

At Aurora BayCare, our Family Medicine providers partner with you to manage your family’s healthcare needs. We’ll help you manage chronic conditions such as allergies or diabetes and recommend an appropriate plan for preventative health screenings.

Aurora Family Medicine physicians offer the highest quality health care and personalized treatment for everyone in your family, at every life stage. The Family Medicine practice includes Family Practice physicians and pediatricians.

Family Practice

Your Aurora BayCare Family Practice physicians are trained to care for you as a whole person. Our goal is to help you get well and stay well.

Your family physician works with you and your family across every age and stage of life, dealing with all diseases and parts of the body.  At Aurora BayCare, you have access to nearly 30 family practice specialists located throughout Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Children's Health

From infant care through young adulthood, our Children's Health team provides compassionate and expert care, including wellness check-ups, immunizations, and treatment for childhood illnesses.

We’ll work with you to help your children live active, healthy lives. That begins with proactive, preventive care. And if your child gets sick, your pediatrician will be there to coordinate the care plan and help make sure both you and your child are as comfortable as possible.

A Collaborative Approach

Aurora BayCare Family Medicine physicians are part of a network of Aurora BayCare medical specialists who practice collaborative care. When you see an Aurora BayCare Family Medicine physician, you can expect excellence in family health care, and you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the entire Aurora BayCare network.

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