LASIK / Refractive Surgery

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without glasses or contacts?

Aurora BayCare offers LASIK and other laser eye surgery in partnership with BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists.

See Clearly Again

Tired of taking your contacts out every night? Looking around for your glasses? Struggling to read the alarm clock? Spending money on contacts, cleaning solution, and glasses…year after year?

LASIK, and other vision correction procedures, can make all your favorite activities more comfortable. Swimming, hunting, working out, even just managing your hectic life - everything is easier without the hassle of glasses and contacts.

Laser Eye Surgery

For many patients, LASIK eye surgery is the path to clearer vision and living glasses-free.  The procedure takes just a few minutes and can provide a lifetime of better vision.

Of course, vision correction is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. We offer many options, including PRK and lens implants, so we can match you with the procedure that's best for your eyes.

BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists offers the following types of refractive surgery and vision correction options:

  • Advanced Surface Treatment (PRK)
  • Blade-Free LASIK
  • Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI)
  • Monovision Correction
  • Paragon CRT® 
  • Premium Lens Implants
  • Visian® ICL

Safe Laser Eye Surgery With Advanced Technology

BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists offers the latest in laser vision correction technology, including Intralase and the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser. This premium laser technology minimizes problems associated with older generation lasers—problems like glare, halos, and reduced night vision.

And because the Allegretto Wave system can adjust to your eye's individual curvature, it can detect and solve the tiniest imperfections. It works just as accurately at the edge of the treatment zone as the center, creating a much lower likelihood of night vision issues. In fact, the Allegretto is the only excimer laser approved by the FDA to actually improve a person's night vision.

Free LASIK Consultation

Contact BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists to schedule your free laser surgery consultation and screening.  Our team will evaluate your eyes using the most modern diagnostic measurements available.

It’s free to find out if LASIK or other vision correction surgery is right for you. Many patients are surprised to find out how fast the surgery is and how soon they can return to normal activities.

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