Geriatric Emergency Department

Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a certified Geriatric Emergency Department (Geriatric ED). The service brings together the resources and expertise of Aurora BayCare’s Emergency Medicine department and our specialized Senior Services caregivers.

Our multidisciplinary team provides emergency care tailored to the needs of elderly patients. When older patients arrive in the emergency room, we provide extra attention to senior-specific issues such as fall risk, delirium or cognitive problems, and medication interactions—all common complications when treating elderly adults.

Our team also works to facilitate ongoing care, helping patients and their caretakers to ensure a smooth transition home. We can connect patients to home care services and community resources for seniors, as needed.

An Emergency Room Designed for Older Patients

The Aurora BayCare ED is designed to reduce fall risk and disorientation, with softer lighting, ambient noise reduction, large clocks, and geriatric-friendly chairs.

For patient safety and comfort, the emergency department has walkers and canes available for patient use along with large print forms, nonskid socks, and after-hours geriatric meals.



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