Emergency Transport

Accepting critically ill and injured patients, via air or ground transport, 24 hours a day

EMS and Air Medical Transport

BayCare Clinic Emergency Physicians have provided local and state leadership in emergency medical services and trauma care for decades. With their input, Aurora BayCare Medical Center was designed to create an easily accessible and weather controlled environment for safe and rapid patient transfer. With four climate controlled garage bays, it is largest in the region.

EAGLE III is a comprehensive emergency air and ground transportation program, which provides Critical Care level treatments during rapid transport of critically ill or injured patients. EAGLE III transportation is provided by ground ambulance, turboprop or jet aircraft to and from medical facilities or accident scenes. The EAGLE III medical team consists of experienced critical care trained nurses and paramedics. The service represents a partnership of St. Vincent Hospital, Bellin Hospital, and County Rescue Service, and is under medical direction of Dr. Steve Stroman, a BayCare Clinic emergency physician specialist and region's first and only physician to receive subspecialty board certification in EMS.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center's heliport, located directly adjacent to the emergency department, accepts critically ill and injured patients by EAGLE III helicopter 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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