Diabetes Education and Support

The most important member of your care team? You!

Aurora BayCare diabetes education specialists provide educational opportunities to help you and your family learn to live well with chronic diabetes and prediabetes conditions.

At Aurora BayCare, our diabetes care team includes education specialists, including certified diabetes nurse educators and dietitians. We are all here to support you, so you can continue to live life to your fullest potential.

Education can play a great role in managing diabetes and prediabetes, because the most important member of your care team is you!

By taking an active role in your care, you can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. By sticking to your treatment plan, and by making diet and lifestyle changes now, you can minimize or even avoid longer-term conditions associated with Types 1 or 2 diabetes.

Aurora BayCare diabetes nurse educators and dietitian specialists can help.

Diabetes Education Care Team

Your Aurora BayCare diabetes nurse and dietitian educators are specialists with advanced training and experience in educating people with diabetes care.  We can teach you how to effectively manage your diabetes day-to-day.

Diabetes Self-Management Training

At Aurora BayCare, our certified diabetes nurse educators will help you learn to manage your diabetes.  We cover a complete range of topics including:

  • Diabetes basics
  • Nutrition and exercise for weight management
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels
  • Using insulin pumps and sensors
  • Managing an insulin reaction
  • Coping with life’s challenges as a person with diabetes

This program is offered in one-on-one or in group settings.  We welcome the opportunity to educate you and your family.  Family support and encouragement is invaluable.

Managing Your Dietary Needs

You may also meet with one of our dietitians trained in diabetes management.  Your dietitian can help you determine your diet needs based on your desired weight, lifestyle, and health goals.  Because our bodies and our nutritional needs change as we age, you may find it helpful to meet with a dietitian even if you’ve lived with diabetes for years.

Your dietitian can help you with a variety of topics including:

  • Balancing food intake with medication and activity
  • Finding helpful cookbooks
  • Tips for dining out
  • How to nourish yourself when you are ill
  • Making food substitutions

Other Classes

Aurora BayCare offers diabetes classes and events to educate and support, including Living Well With Chronic Conditions.  If you smoke, and are trying to quit to better manage your diabetes, Freedom From Smoking may also be of interest. Talk to your nurse about the education opportunities available. 

Family and Individual Counseling

Coping with diabetes can be tough. If you are having a  hard time handling it on your own, we can help! We can connect you with a therapist who will provide insight and understanding. We recommend coaching your family too. Family support can be an important part of managing your health. 

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