Wellness Services

Healthy employees drive high-performing organizations

Create a corporate culture that rewards healthy living. Healthy, fit employees handle stress better, are more productive, and are more engaged.

Aurora BayCare empowers your employees to make healthy choices with educational and motivational wellness programming. Wellness programs show people how to stay healthy and prevent more serious health issues.

Employee Wellness Services

We bring health promotions right to your workplace. Employee wellness programming includes:

Culture of Health

We do more than measure employee health. We get your team members engaged in building healthy lifestyles.

We’ll help you build a total employee wellness program, creating a culture of health at your organization. We work right alongside your wellness committee, helping you craft a program with meaningful results…for your employees, and your bottom line.

Most of your healthcare spending is driven by lifestyle behaviors like poor diet, inactivity, stress, and tobacco use. The good news is that these behaviors can be changed, and the workplace is one of the most effective places to influence those health behaviors.

Our dedicated advisors will give you tools to drive engagement at every level of the organization. With this guided approach, employees make positive changes in their lives and wellness becomes a core part of your company culture.  

8 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing goes beyond physical and mental health. Researchers have spent years studying wellbeing and what it takes to increase it. The science now shows us that wellbeing is influenced by eight distinct dimensions:

  • 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Social, Environmental, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual

We offer a full suite of holistic health services, addressing each of these eight dimensions. Remove barriers to wellbeing and provide your employees the tools and support they need to be whole, healthy individuals. Aurora BayCare is your whole-health resource for workshops and wellness talks, health fairs, health displays, vendor partnerships, and more.