Wellness Programs

Helping employees stay healthy

Our full suite of wellness programs provides your employees with the tools and support they need to make healthier choices. We provide a total approach to fitness and wellness, making corporate wellness part of your company culture.

Wellness services include:

Wellness Coaching

Education is key to changing behavior patterns. Connect your employees with a wellness coach, either in-person or via telephone consultation. Wellness coaching is available as a follow-up to your health risk assessment event, as a standalone program, and/or as a year-round service.

Workshops & Wellness Talks

Keep wellness top of mind with regular education sessions. We offer a variety of wellness talks, presented by certified wellness coaches or other Aurora BayCare healthcare professional.

Health Fairs & Onsite Events

Health fairs are a great way to kick off your wellness program or keep people motivated. These interactive events can include health screenings, information booths, scheduled educational sessions, and fitness classes.

Whether you have 25 employees or 2,500, we’ll work with you to plan and coordinate an engaging health-focused event. 

Smoking Cessation

The Freedom from Smoking program, developed by the American Lung Association, is a seven-session program offered in a class format (5 to 16 participants per class). Employees learn coping methods and other strategies to help them quit. Motivational supports include a Quit Day, ex-smoker panel, and a group celebration. Long-term follow up support is available.

8 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing goes beyond physical and mental health. Researchers have spent years studying wellbeing and what it takes to increase it. The science now shows us that wellbeing is influenced by eight distinct dimensions:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual

We offer whole-health resources such as workshops, webinars, wellness talks, and health displays in each of these eight dimensions.